The Meaning of Emily

Urban Dictionary's definition of Emily: "The most beautiful person in the world. Often referred to as a Goddess. Has eyes that one can easily get lost in. A great friend that cares about people and makes the world a better place. Easy to love too." Oh, Urban Dictionary, you're making me blush!

                 Porcelain Doll, PhD

Flustered Lemur

                            Lightning hiding in a floral teacup

    Got The Most Valentines In Fourth Grade...

           So I Got That Going For Me

  Lightning Hiding in a Floral Teacup

                  Blushing Flower, Hidden Fire

The Person You Might Suspect Is A Double Agent... But Isn't


                                                Balanced Off Center

 Absent-Minded Professor Keeps Getting Mistaken For A Student 

 America's Foul Mouthed Sweetheart

The Dormouse Finally Goes Off On That Motherfuckin' Mad Hatter


        Most Gifted Witch At The School Of Magic


     Just A Hardworking Kittycat            Funky Vampire Forgets To Drink Blood

Sophisticated Lady Flinching Inwardly

  Kitten That Curls Up Right Next To Doberman And Falls Asleep Against His Warm Tummy

         The Church Mouse Knows Exactly Where The Cheese Is Kept In the Rectory

         Mild-Mannered Front Desk Clerk At A Retirement Home By Day, Crime Fighter By Night

    Your Funny Mechanical Owl Sidekick Sent By The Goddess To Guide Your Way

                              Will Cut A Bitch To Save A Puppy​

 Hardworking And, I Know, I Make It Look Like I Have Seven Dwarves And A Fairy Godmother To Help- But, Actually, It's Just Me, Superwoman

Lovely- And Stock Up 'Cause There's Not Much Of It Around Anymore


The Essence of Emily...