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Series Trailer

All 3 Seasons Now on Amazon Prime!

Stars Emily Rued, Joseph Bearor, James Lontayao and Cooper Gillespie. 

Guest stars Jorge Garcia (Lost, Hawaii 5.0), Samantha Sloyan (Grey's Anatomy, Hush), David Ury (Breaking Bad, Community), Eric Callero, and Steven Krimmel.


The New Girl Meets The Vampire Diaries.​

"It's Not Easy Being in Love with a Ghost."


Maggie is the sereies I created. It can best be described as a quirky, supernatural comedy with heart. It's about a girl and her best friend-- who happens to be a ghost.


Maggie can see and hear Adam, which can create some pretty awkward situations for her, (and she's the kind of girl who needs no help with awkward). Maggie and Adam are best friends, but Adam wants more. He didn't get the chance to tell her when he alive and now it's too late... Or is it? 





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